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"After the rats ate the wires in my car i had to call pest control, thankfully sean came out the next day and sorted it out for me. it has been 5 weeks now and still no sign of them"
Cindy L - 25/05/2016
"I just want to provide you with an update on my mole infestation. It was been about 4 days and not a single mole in my garden, The poison was so successful even my neighbors have noticed a decreased in activity. I am sooo grateful to Sean and his crew for the hard work. Before they came out to my house the moles had wrecked my garden."
Sibu N - 14/06/2016
"Thanks to Sean and his team for the great work carried out at my house in Clifton. My dogs picked up fleas from the vet and they infested my entire home. I have tried other biting insect remedies in the past with no luck. The flea spray was odorless and worked immediately. A pest control service well worth the money!!! "
Alexandra W - 20/06/2016
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Cockroach Control in Cape Town

Cockroach Control in Cape Town

Hi there and welcome to Cape Town PEST CONTROL and Fumigation specialists.
We are the Cape Town Cockroach Control and Pest Control Specialists.
We specialise in treating cockroaches throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.
PEST COCKROACHES commonly found here in Cape Town are predominantly nocturnal by nature and spend the day hiding in cracks and crevices around areas like sinks, drains, cookers, kitchen cupboards and the backs of fridges and other electrical items. They may be seen scurrying away if you come home at night or during darker days and put the lights on.

In cases of severe infestations, cockroaches emit a foul smell often likened to an almond like smell. This is especially true in the case of german cockroaches in very high levels of infestations. GERMAN COCKROACHES or ameriacan can be nightmare to get rid of thats why we only send you the best pest control expert to come and deal with your cockroach infestation problem asap. The chemicals that our pest control specialists uses are harmless to pets or children and odourless aswell.


The German cockroach is a smaller species of cockroach, measuring about 1.3 cm to 1.6 cm long as adults. The nymphs however are very small (about 2mm) when they first emerge from the egg case. The nymphs are often mistaken for ants by the untrained eye.

They are tan to light brown, and have two dark parallel streaks running from the head to the base of the wings. Although it has wings, it is unable to sustain flight. Nymphs have a pale area centrally on the dorsal thorax.
The German cockroach is one of the most common and prominent household cockroaches in Cape Town. They can be found throughout many human settlements around the world. These insects are particularly fond of inhabiting restaurants, food processing facilities, hotel rooms and nursing homes as well as Cape Town homes. In most parts of the world and Cape Town, they are heavily reliant on humans for survival. Humans in Cape Town provide everything german cockroaches need like food, warmth, moisture and sufficient harbourage.

We have been treating properties throught Cape Town and surrounding areas successfully for many years now against german cockroaches oriental cockroaches and american cockroaches.

As the german cockroach control specialists in Cape Town we are the best choice to eradicate your Cape Town cockroach problem, we identify the cause and sustenance of an infestation and give helpful hints and tips on permanent control measures that can be set in place.

The American Cockroach: (Periplaneta americana).

This species of cockroach is a lot bigger than the GERMAN COCKROACH reaching an adult size of up to 5cm in lenght.

American Cockroaches in Cape Town are frequently encountered in homes, hotels, restaurants and hospitals where they contaminate food stuffs and food preparation areas.
Amarican cockroaches in Cape Town often immerge from the sewerage system before entering Cape Town properties contaminating everything they come into contact with and potentially spreading deadly pathogens and diseases.

Due to the fact that AMERICAN COCKROACHES are good flyers, they can reach the highest levels of any building in Cape Town pretty effortlessly. They are nocturnal and are strongly attracted to light. So if you leave a light on at night, the chances are, AMERICAN COCKROACHES will be attracted to your Cape Town property and can easily enter through a door or window regardless weather its closed or not.

We have been controlling american cockroaches successfully in Gauteng for several years now and are very experienced in the field of cockroach control throughout Cape Town.

If you suspect or know you have a COCKROACH control problem in your Cape Town home or workplace, you should call our Cape Town cockroach control specialists now for a free no obligation quotation.

We have appointments available to suite you!

We specialise in providing Cape Town COCKROACH CONTROL done by trained or qualified individuals at an affordable price.

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