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"I just want to provide you with an update on my mole infestation. It was been about 4 days and not a single mole in my garden, The poison was so successful even my neighbors have noticed a decreased in activity. I am sooo grateful to Sean and his crew for the hard work. Before they came out to my house the moles had wrecked my garden."
Sibu N - 14/06/2016
"Thanks to Sean and his team for the great work carried out at my house in Clifton. My dogs picked up fleas from the vet and they infested my entire home. I have tried other biting insect remedies in the past with no luck. The flea spray was odorless and worked immediately. A pest control service well worth the money!!! "
Alexandra W - 20/06/2016
"Dear Shaun, I would much like to commend you for the job well done. Ntombi has not reported a single german cockroach for more than a week now. The cockroach gel you place in my kitchen has worked like a charm Many Thanks"
Vernie B - 20/06/2016
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Pigeon Fouling Clearance in Lower Vrede

Pigeon Fouling Clearance in Lower Vrede

Let us do the cleaning for you! Lower Vrede s No.1 pigeon fouling clearance.

We provide a thorough, effective and satisfying pigeon fouling clearance. Our team of highly trained professionals of Lower Vrede are here to safely discard of pigeon fouling. Leave it to the professionals.

Bird fouling contains many harmful bacteria that cause disease to spread which then would become a health and safety issue compromising health and safety regulations. Our team of highly trained and prestige pigeon fouling clearance provide a safe removal of pigeon foul off of properties and grounds. The acidic pigeon droppings actually cause damage to buildings. While delaying contacting us the droppings are eating away at paintwork etc. causing further structural damage resulting in a higher cost to repair. Pigeon foul that becomes wet on pavements or fire escapes is another health and safety hazard, it then becomes a big problem for businesses as it causes issues with the health and safety regulations which no one wants! Lower Vrede s team will put an end to these problems preventing you from moving forward safely with day to day life. Dont risk it, dont attempt to clean up alone, we are trained to dispose of pigeon foul professionally so leave that to us. We sweat it for you, while to relax and admire the amazing results that are to follow.

Let us clean up the mess for you, Lower Vrede customers see amazing results and are completely satisfied with the outcome after our professionals have come in and decontaminate each property. We run a friendly, helpful service in Lower Vrede for those with a pigeon foul problem and need their home, business or property back to the way it was before these pesty pigeons infested! Dont settle with an un-hygienic property risking your health and everyone around the property. Call us today! Here to help you.

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