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"as of yesterday not a single fish moth has survived your insect control fumigation. Thanks for the great job"
Dot A - 20/06/2016
"I would like to thank this pest control team for a job well done. Thought I would never be rid of all these mice in my kitchen. Its been 7 months now and still no sign."
George Foster - 30/07/2013
"Wasps have been buzzing around everywhere until Sean cam around to my place in Durbanville and removed 4 nests. There are still a few Wasps buzzing around my lawn coming from my neighbors house but at least its safe for my kids to play outside. We can even have a braai without being bothered. Thanks for the A+ service "
Mr T Chandler - 30/11/2017
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Termite Control in Cape Town

Termite Control in Cape Town

Welcome to Termite Control in Cape Town. Our pest control experts only want what is best for our clients thats why we uses only the best chemicals and equipment that is harmless to you animals and children.
Termite control here in Cape Town is often a huge pain in the neck, at Cape Town Pest control we have the most sophisticated and up to date technology available in Cape Town and South Africa for termite control.

Many homes in and around Cape Town are plagued by timber destroying termites and Cape Town Pest Control is the company in Cape Town to call!

The word termite is a term that describes a species of wood-boring insect that attacks structural timbers of commercial or domestic premises, although it is required by law here in Cape Town to have all structural timber treated so there is no need for future termite control. Soil pre-retreatment is also required by law in some situations. Here in Cape Town termite treatments are of the utmost important to ensure a safe living and work environment. The common termites found here in Cape Town are: Subterranean Termites, Macrotermes spp, Odontotermes spp and Microtermes sp. These termites cause extensive damage flooring and other structural timber which could jeopardise the safety of your home or work place.

Call the Cape Town termite Control specialists now for a quotation for termite control, our Cape Town operators are on standby 24 hours a day to take your call.

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