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"Thanks to you and your team my house is ant free. Now I can leave stuff on my cupboards and it wont get infested by ants."
Edyth J - 24/02/2015
"Just want to thank you and your team for helping me with my flea problem now I can live again."
Billy R - 18/12/2014
"Hi There You and your team were great thanks for solving my bed bug problem now I can sleep peacefully at night again. I will surely recommend you to others. Thanks again."
Woody U - 23/07/2014

Rats and mice out of control in GREATER CAPE TOWN

Rats and mice out of control in GREATER CAPE TOWN

We all know that rats mice and most rodents are vectors for all kinds of potentially deadly diseases. disease Winter is upon us, its cold outside and cosy in our homes, ideal for rodents of all shapes and sizes. This time of the year rats and mice move indoors, lets just hope they have not chosen your home to zone in on. If they have here is a bit more information about what you may be dealing with
- Rodents are not at all fussy as to the foods they eat, they love fatty proteins, animal feed as well as stored dry products - Rats and mice have a highly developed sense of smell, allowing them to find even the smallest tasty morsel of food.
- Rodents tend to know their surroundings very well, they will be sceptic towards new food items out of place, they will always ensure to have easy access to food and water near their harbourage site - Rodents usually use a defined route so that other rodents can follow their scent, they can run up trees, climb up walls to gain easy access to your roof, combined the insulation and easy outdoor access make your roof the perfect hiding spot for unwanted rodents
Rats, mice and other rodents are formidable opponents to keep out of your home but fear not, we have attached some handy tips for control
- First off you need to remove grass, garden rubble and any other garden material, this limits their harbourage outside of your home - Prevent access to foods within your home, ensure if you have animals no animal feed is left out over night. Store all dry products in sealed plastic containers - Seal all holes rodents may use to gain access to your home, use wire wool combined with expanding foam
For further information controlling rats, mice and other rodents throughout your home or work place call us now or simply fill in and enquiry form, our friendly Pest Control Technicians will assist you with advice or quotations

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