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"Wasps have been buzzing around everywhere until Sean cam around to my place in Durbanville and removed 4 nests. There are still a few Wasps buzzing around my lawn coming from my neighbors house but at least its safe for my kids to play outside. We can even have a braai without being bothered. Thanks for the A+ service "
Mr T Chandler - 30/11/2017
"After the rats ate the wires in my car i had to call pest control, thankfully sean came out the next day and sorted it out for me. it has been 5 weeks now and still no sign of them"
Cindy L - 25/05/2016
"Thank you Shaun and team for helping me with my Bed Bugs, my boys are no longer getting bitten and they can finally have a peaceful nights sleep."
Kristian N - 25/07/2013

Unseasonal crawling insects

Unseasonal crawling insects

In and around all of Greater Cape Town, crawling insects are causing a greater and greater nuisance in our home and garden, at our workplace and sometimes even in out vehicles
Crawling insects like many other pests here in Cape Town are attracted to heat, the heat caused by heaters in vehicles or electrical products in our home or workspace. All this artificial heating creates the ideal ambient temperature to thrive in. Be it bed bugs in your bed, cockroaches hiding in your fridge or microwave oven even in your toaster. Modern day living sees the increase of crawling insects up on the rise
Fortunately there are a few hints and tips to help prevent a out of control crawling insect infestations:

1) Ensure the cleanliness of any heat generating kitchen units for example oil and grease around ovens and microwaves
2) Fit brush / bristle strips to doors leading externally
3) Keep all stored food stuffs in sealed Tupperware containers, keeping open foods in cupboards arent enough and crawling insects can still gain access
4) Ensure dust bins are cleared regularly and fitted with lids that are kept closed shut
Follow these simple steps and help control your crawling insect population. For more info and tips call: 071 820 4880

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