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"Thank you Cape Town Pest Control for eradicating my wasps"
Ira M - 30/07/2013
"Thank you Shaun and team for helping me with my Bed Bugs, my boys are no longer getting bitten and they can finally have a peaceful nights sleep."
Kristian N - 25/07/2013
"Hi There You and your team were great thanks for solving my bed bug problem now I can sleep peacefully at night again. I will surely recommend you to others. Thanks again."
Woody U - 23/07/2014

Cockroaches Everywhere

Cockroaches Everywhere

In recent years we have noticed a steady increase in both German and American cockroaches in the greater Cape Town area in both domestic and commercial properties. This increase is reflected in the number of cockroach related enquiries we receive on a daily basis from people in the Cape Town area
Cape Town is home to several species of pest cockroaches, with the most commonly found species being the German cockroach and the American cockroach Both these species are very common throughout whole of Cape Town, spreading germs and disease to everything they come into contact with. Which is very alarming as both these species are very fond of inhabiting not only homes but also other more sensitive areas like restaurants, hospitals and hotels and your domestic homes The cockroach is believed to spread a range of disease-producing organisms to humans. Cockroaches prefer warm, humid conditions with a ready food source. You can treat an infestation yourself or hire a professional pest control operator. Like the household fly, the cockroach will eat virtually anything ranging from food spills on a kitchen floor to faecal matter. Ingested bacteria can survive in the cockroachs digestive system, sometimes for months or even years, and are passed in its droppings. Cockroaches will vomit and defecate on food and it is thought that disease may be transmitted to humans when humans eat food contaminated by cockroaches
Many of the calls we receive enquiring about our cockroach control services are from food preparation and manufacturing facilities. Often these places have been trying to control the problem themselves for prolonged periods of time without much success. By the time these establishments call us or other pest controllers the problem has reached such epic proportions that extreme measures are required to bring the problem under control. Sometimes even requiring the entire building or factory be fumigated to bring down the levels of activity
In extreme cases like these, the cost of total eradication can be quiet high, not only from a financial perspective, but also due to loss of production during the treatments
Cockroaches are an economically important pest that needs to be dealt with as soon as the problem is identified, or else you may be in for a visit from your local health inspector whom will take a very dim view of a cockroach infestation in a food preparation area. They can issue very substantial fines and even order you to close the shop until the problem is totally resolved
If you notice cockroaches in your home or workplace call us straight away so we can resolve the problem before it gets out of hand and ends up costing you more money and even health problems if left untreated
Our prices are very affordable and easy on the pocket

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